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Old English Puppy Breeders in Toronto, ON

We are a small scale breeder of elite quality Old English Bulldogs, focusing on health, temperament, and impeccable structure & conformation.

At Fenwick Bulldogs, our pack is tight and the love for our companions remains supreme in all we do. Through highly selective pairings, we aim to bring you the very finest examples that the Olde English Bulldogge breed has to offer. For the best of the best, contact our Old English puppy breeders in Toronto, ON, today.

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Bulldogs for Sale in Toronto, ON

Make the perfect addition to your family when you discover the litters from Fenwick Bulldogs. Our puppies for sale in Toronto, ON, are bred with the finest traits. We provide our Old English bulldog puppies with the very best in care. Our goal is to showcase this beautiful breed for dog lovers everywhere. Reach out to us to reserve a puppy from one of our upcoming litters.

The Old English Bulldog Breed

Families looking for a new best friend will be delighted to learn that Old English bulldogs actively look for human attention. This loving dog breed offers a lifetime of cuddles. While these bulldogs love people, they may not get along well with dogs of other breeds.

Old English bulldogs can grow up to weigh around 50 pounds. These dogs are small, yet strong, and they make a great addition to nearly any home.

About Our Breeders

At Fenwick Bulldogs, we believe that proper care from an early age allows our English bulldogs to thrive in any home. Our team focuses on health and overall care to ensure that our dogs retain the best traits of their breeds. We use highly selective pairings to produce the top litters possible.

Contact our small-scale breeders in Toronto, Ontario, to learn about our puppies. Our litters are available for purchase throughout the area.